Inmr World Congress Germany 2022

ECI presents in the 2022 INMR WORLD CONGRESS in Berlin,Germany with Booth#2 from Oct.16th -Oct.19th,2022. ECI International Teams members join & present ECI Develop new costumers mints of meeting with our long-term clients,  ECI once again show strength  of the biggest manufacture  in China,  Manufacture such as polymer suspension insulator, polymer post insulator, HDPE insulator, porcelain drop out fuse cutout, polymer arresters as well as materials like FRP rod, end fittings,silicone rubber compound ,die casting& stamping parts Zno Widding etc.



With the attractive samples and ECI more than 20 years of experience in the Utilities industry, we meet customers from all over the world in ECI booth, We not only deepen the understanding of current customers but also reach the intention of cooperation with some


We discussed all the ongoing issues that we have now with , and it was made clear that A Skills-Building Technical Conference & Exhibition Covering Key Topics in Transmission & Distribution.

• Innovative Line Uprating & Line Compaction Using Line Arresters
• Impact of Biological Growths on Application of Composite Insulators: Experience Under European Conditions
• Application of Leakage Current Monitoring in Design of HVDC Insulation
• Application of Polymer Insulators as Countermeasure for Volcanic Ash
• Innovative Processing Methods & Technologies for Liquid Silicone Rubber
• Composite Insulators with Optical Fibres for Applications in HV
• Impact of Residual Quartz on Lifetime of High Strength Porcelain
• Increasing Confidence in MV Cable Testing & Diagnostics
• Development & Testing New Insulating Compound for HV Dry Cable Accessories & Other Apparatus
• Insulation Characteristics of GFRP Crossarm Subjected to Lightning Impulse Testing
• Insulation Design & Inspection Experience at ESB (Irish TAO): Lessons Learned
• Optimized Processing of High Viscosity Liquid Silicone Rubbers for Large Electrical Components
• Insulation & Its Role in Line Optimization Studies
• Porcelain Long Rod versus Cap & Pin Insulators: Impact on Overhead Line Design
• Impact of Climate Change on Overhead Transmission Lines
• Impact of Insulator Pollution on Resilience of Power Networks: Experience in Italy
• Testing Extruded Cable Systems Up to 525 kV DC: Laboratory Experience & Latest Requests From The Market
• Influence of Different Pollution Sources on Performance of Insulation: Back to Basics
• Influence of Variation in Rain Parameters on Flashover Voltage of Insulators
• Internal Arc Test of MV Switchgear
• Interphase Spacer Applications

However:- ECI ready to explore more path globally & develop strong network with golden words “power travels with us .
See you Next INMR Congress 2023 in Bangkok!

Post time: Nov-17-2022