Advanced Automatic Machining Machines & Equipment Application For Fittings In EC Insulators

On April 22, 2022, EC Insulator Jiangxi Machining Workshop added a new member, which is the CNC lathe truss manipulator produced, installed and debugged by one of top manufacturer in Guangzhou. The successful installation and application of this equipment has greatly solved the production capacity limitation encountered by our company in the production of 40KN, 50KN and 70KN balls and tongues. 40KN, 50KN and 70KN ball , tongue these products have a single design, and the monthly demand is more than 100,000 pcs. In the precision hole process, there is a situation of low production capacity and high cost, which cannot be shipped on time. In response to this situation, our company researched the actual design of the products, and designed different fixtures for each type of hardware. After 2 months of product research and more than 40 days of machine production, we finally installed and tested this manipulator on April 22. success. After this manipulator is put into production, our 40KN ball head products have a production capacity of 3,000 a day, a 50KN single ear up to 3,500 a day, and a 70KN ball head up to 3,000 a day, greatly reducing the unit price of these products, improving efficiency, and saving man-hours every day. 4 skilled workers can arrange other product production.The successful installation and use of this equipment provides a new solution and direction for the actual problems that our company often encounters in actual production, such as insufficient production capacity and the fact that workers cannot be recruited. Although most of the products currently produced by our company It is a customized product, but through the special design of the fixture, artificial intelligence can also be used to solve problems, and the experience can be extended to FRP rod, silicone rubber, crimping and other workshops.


Post time: Nov-17-2022