10KV,15KV, 25KV, 27KV, 33KV, 38KV IEC&ANSI Standard Medium And High Voltage Porcelain Dropout Fuse Cutout

Short Description:

Product Detail: Fuse Cutout Switch

10KV,15KV,24KV,27KV,33KV,38KV IEC&IEEE standard medium and high voltage dropout fuse cutout

Model Number: RW-15-100(200)

Type: Insulator

Material: ECR, Porcelain/polymer

Rod Material: FRP ROD

Application: High Voltage

Tensile Strength:

Safety Standards: IEC

Brand Name: ECI

Rated current: 100(200)

Standard: IEC60282

Min Creepage distance: 216mm

OEM Production: accept

Place Of Origin: Jiangxi, China

Packing: Carton/ pallet /Wooden box

Breaking Current: 12KA

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Drop fuse cutouts and load switching fuse cutouts are for outdoor used high voltage protective device. To be connected with in coming feeder of distributing transformer lines it mainly protect transformers or lines from short circuit and overload, and on/off loading current.
Drop out fuse cutout is composed of insulator supports and fuse tube, static contacts is fixed on two sides of insulator support and moving contact is installed on two ends of fuse tube. Fuse tube is composed of inside arc-extinguishing tube,outer phenolic compound paper tube or epoxy glass tube.
At normally working via fuse link tightened the fuse tube is fixed to form up of close position. In case system current faults, faults current result in fuse melt immediately and take place electric arc, which let arc-extinguishing tube being heated and explode a lot of gas. This will produce high pressure and blow off the arc along the tube. After fuse link melt, moving contact has no lightened strength again, mechanism is locked and fuse tube drop out.cutout now is open position.

Type Rated
Current (A)
creepage distance(mm)
1 RW-15/100(200)-12 15 100 12 110 216 40
2 RW-27/100(200)-8 27 100 8 125 325 45
3 RW-38/100(200)-10 38 100 10 170 660 75
4 RW-15/100(200)-10 15 100 10 110 216 40
5 RW-27/100(200)-8 27 100 8 150 440 45
6 RW-38/100(200)-8 38 100 8 150 660 75

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